What are Star Songs?


I join with Angelic guides and spirit helpers to listen to the Universe for the elements of your alchemical elixir. I send this medicine bundle to you across time/space by way of Star Song ethereal essences. I co-create with many universal elements, some of the earth and some from beyond.  Water is the medium through which I transmit those energies to you. This sacred and magical dance may seem to originate here, but it is your creation and it’s guided by the high light of your soul. The Star Songs are simply the expression through which you chose to receive the gift of this transformational essence.

Each Star Song releases another layer of stuck energy your light and raises your vibration to activate your light body.

NOTE:  This is a distance essence. No physical product will be shipped to you.

Fragile Strength Star Song

A magical being was calling to me when I was visiting my supplier. It was the one and only if it’s kind. I tend to find these orphans. She is a talc stone from Ontario - my home province. I was preparing to take a picture of her to show you and I was sent down to my...

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The whispers of Angels

The angels whispered to my heart and I heard them. I finally heard them. They've been trying to get this message to me for some time. I realize this now that I have opened my heart and really listened. I get why I was resistant. Because listening means shifting and...

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Spiral Star Song

I was on a walk in my neighbourhood and there in my path was a small sprig of an evergreen branch. It was singing such a lovely song for me and I picked it up and took it home with me. I realized later that this branch fragment did not originate anywhere near my home...

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Shungite Water Recipe handed down through a dream

  I dreamed last night about being in a very large vertically rectangular tank filled with water. Floating in the water along side me were these uniquely shaped creatures that were squirting black clouds (like squid do). But their shape was quite unlike any sea...

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Crescent Circle Star Song – Balance of Being

The emergence of the Crescent Circle Star Song began with a beautiful Infinite Stone which was offering its powerful emanations for a physical ache and it led to a strength that radiated into all parts of my life, including even my meditations. I woke up one day with...

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The Shape of a Star Song Part 2

In part 1 of "The Shape of a Star Song" I shared with you about the magical transformations the Star Songs physical form sometimes undergo as a reflection of the shift that is happening within the recipient of this mystical medicine. I spoke about how sometimes...

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“You Matter” Star Song

Recently a trio of Carnelian crystals came forward with a very special message for our crystal community which I delivered through the Song of Stones newsletter. They say ...   Dearest beautiful soul,   You matter.   Your life matters. Every nanosecond...

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The Shape of a Star Song

I never know what gift will come from a Star Song. Each one is unique. Even when I co-create with the same stones, the Star Song shifts and offers something new. Sometimes the water itself behaves in different ways for different Star Songs. There are times that I have...

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The energy of a Ruby’s Star Song

Tri-Ruby Star Song   A Ruby crystal with a mystical triangular shape fell out of my bag and into my hands recently. It couldn't have been a clearer message that this crystalline one had a gift for me ... right? Well I was not paying attention. She kept patiently...

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