An unexpected message came from an unexpected being.

I was wrapping a crystal for a client, when I heard to include a shell. I had no idea where my shells were so I trusted and began to walk in the direction I was guided. I was moved to lift up a box and then the one beneath that had to come up. I trusted the pull that guided my hand under yet another box. I couldn’t see what was there but I reached in and plucked out the being that had been silently singing. It was a shell of course. And what a magnificent one. A wee sliver of a being but powerful. So powerful. The shape was that of an ear … how interesting! I was curious. What message did this ear shaped shell hold.

I took this stone being with me into the stillness and listened to her song. Her message turned out to be as powerful as she was. It was about listening, but not in the way I might have expected. This song is to be a gift for you from this magical being for the new year. It is also to be the new sign up gift for Song of Stones. I’ve been working on co-creating a new gift to offer those who are part of the Song of Stones community. It’s our way of saying thank you to those of you who are part of our Crystal Circle and to those who will be joining our family. I didn’t expect that this shell’s song was going to be that gift because I’d been working on something else. However, even as it was coming through, I was receiving the message that offering it to you as a gift was one of the purposes for the song.

It’s like that with the crystals. You may expect their energetic vibrations are going to be about one thing but then they turn out to be about something else. They are always surprising us. If we are wise enough to be open to what comes and to trust what we are sensing then we will get the best of their magical offerings.

But you must trust. Had I not trusted what I heard about gifting my customer with a shell then I would have given her an oracle card which is what I have been sending out and what I had intended to send. Had I been stubborn and started searching for the jar of shells rather than allowing myself to be taken by the unseen hand of invisible guidance, I would not have found this mystical being. Had I simply sent the shell right then and not listened to the song, I would have missed this profoundly transformational message. And had I not been open to changing the welcome gift I had been working on, you would not be receiving this magical message.

It’s all about trusting … it’s about LISTENING.

If you are part of our crystal family, then you already have this gift. If you would like to join our Crystal Circle, you are most welcome.