“If no one is listening what’s the point?”

This question was suddenly in my head. I knew it was a song of the stones but which crystal was singing? Who whispered that message? Usually I sense an undefinable something from a certain crystal before I hear the words enter my thoughts. This time the words came first.

Then I heard:

All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;”

— Shakespeare, As You Like It

I thought I knew what this meant but in that moment I was shown a new perspective of this iconic phrase. I went deeper into the meaning. Which is ironic because this depth was simpler and closer to the surface.

What I thought it meant was that life is a grand story each one of us playing our parts. I believed that it was about destiny – that we all had a purpose and that the universe found creative ways to place us on our marks. I thought that it spoke of the world as being an elaborate illusion and the human race was the cast of this virtual epic performance – each the stars of our individual stories. I believed that the author was a mystic and was sharing a deep knowing of his mystical belief that this world was not our true reality but a place to play with the concept of humanity.

But in that moment when the crystals were vibrating and their song was filling the space, I realized the meaning was much simpler than that. Though, this simpleness was even more profound than the deep esoteric imagery of the nature of the universe that I initially went to.

The simple meaning was deeper

This “simple” meaning was that we are always performing. Even when we think we are being authentic, we are performing to who we believe we are or who is in the room with us at the moment. Even when we are alone we are performing. Perhaps our strongest performance happens when we are alone. Then we are in rehearsal – preparing, doing, worrying, planning – for the show we will be putting on for our audience. It doesn’t matter how big that audience is or how important our role is. We could be living a simple existence as one of a thousand clerks in a massive corporation or we could be running a country – it is a role. It is a such a small aspect of our existence, yet we look to it to define us and without it we don’t know who we are.

That is why some of us feel lost when we are alone – not knowing what to do with ourselves. Then it is quiet. There is nothing to distract us. There are no outside influences and no external motivation. There is nothing and no one but ourselves to inspire us. No cues to follow. Believe it or not, that’s actually a really good thing because it is the beginning of the exploration into the truth of who we are. And that is why we cling so strongly to our roles – because it’s easier to have lines to follow than to make them up as we go.

Even when we go off in search of ourselves – which often happens when we’ve experienced loss or dramatic change – what we are really looking for is a new role – another part to play – a story to be part of.

Who are we really?

Who would we be if we didn’t have an audience to perform for – if we didn’t have to work; if we weren’t parents, siblings, spouses. We’ve become our characters. We play different roles for different people and situations. We are more reserved and closed off when we are at work. We are more open and intimate with our mate. We switch to being practical when we are handling our finances. We are the nurturer for our children and we become the child version of ourselves when we are with our parents. We may have come to believe that we know who we are but we are simply performing our parts. We’ve forgotten they are just roles. We’ve turned off our true selves so often that we have forgotten who we really are – if we ever knew who we really were to begin with. We’ve been influenced since the beginning of our lives by the ones who raise us, by our environment, by our culture and religion and by where in the world we happen to live.

If we weren’t performing what would we need to do or say?

The crystals chime in again and I hear:

Go beyond living in a story as a character and begin to become a co-creator of a bigger story on a grander stage. Stop saying lines and start writing them. Go beyond playing at life and be life.

This exploration is about one of the most ancient philosophical and spiritual conversations … do we have a destiny or do we have free will. I’ve always believed it’s both but this crystal song was taking me deeper into the HOW. It’s one thing to know that we have free will. It’s another to exercise it. AND it’s another to know HOW to do that. They showed me this by taking me on a journey through one of my most beloved poetic verse.

Initially I thought I had gone deep into the meaning of this well known line by pondering the grand universal design. I’m now finding great depth on the surface. The simpler exploration took me to a more personal place and and deeper into who I truly am.

This is the magic of connecting with the stone beings. It begins with a subtle message that comes through our thoughts and then it expands and soon we are in the midst of a cathartic epiphany. In that one moment our awareness shifts and we are transformed.

And that was just the beginning. Then the crystalline ones went on to transmit the Crystal Moon Message. They shared the answer to the question that started this whole stream of thought that altered my perspective.

“If no one is listening, what’s the point?”

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